It’s about as ugly as politics gets. This week, an incredibly offensive robocall to residents of Sandpoint scraped the bottom of the bucket and then went back for more.

Shelby Rognstad


The call urges Sandpoint voters to vote against Sandpoint city council president and mayoral candidate Shelby Rognstad.




Mose Dunkel


Mose Dunkel, a logger and Rognstad’s opponent, denies any connection to the robocall.




The call claims to be funded by “Sandpoint United Against Shelby,” but no such group has filed a Sunshine report with the Sandpoint City Clerk as required by law.

In case you can’t hear it, here’s a transcript.

Shelby thinks you’re stupid. Now he’s out of job and needs a paycheck and he wants you to give it to him by letting him be mayor of Sandpoint.

He changed our zoning plan to allow high-density, low income housing, proven to ruin towns by drawing in undesirable elements from the outside that turns towns in to crime ridden trash heaps.

Just ask the people of Ferguson, Missouri who in only 15 years saw a nice bedroom community turn into a violent jungle of looters and primitive destroyers that it is today.

Our town needs a real leader and protector, not a feminized male SHELBY (yelled in a high falsetto voice) whose so-called ideas are the same nonsense that is ruining California.


He’d be a joke if he wasn’t so dangerous. He wants to see Sandpoint to go from this sound [country music] to this one [rap music].

Shelby thinks you’re stupid. On Nov. 3 go and vote against SHELBY and stop him before it’s too late. This message paid for by Sandpoint United Against Shelby.