The unhinged, far-right wing of the Republican party loves to obstruct and it doesn’t seem to matter to any of them that the GOP brand is hemorrhaging credibility.

The closing days of the 2017 Legislative Session in The House slowed to a standstill by repeated–and seemingly random–procedural objections from a group of far-right Republicans. Among the list of obstructors were: Reps. Heather Scott, R-Blanchard, and Ron Nate, R-Rexburg. The Legislature was slated to end on time this year until right winger antics kept the clock ticking.

Their shenanigans though are not 100% embraced by all members of the extreme right, so, in keeping up with the Joneses some members are building yet another faction of the Republican party in Idaho. They want their own Freedom Caucus. In a Spokesman-Review article co-chair of the newly formed group,  Mike Kingsley, R-Lewiston said, “We love what they’re doing in D.C. with their Freedom Caucus.” “They’re having an impact.” 

Ummmm, they “love what they’re doing in D.C.?” Good to know. Keep talking.

The Freedom Caucus politicians are almost universally hated in Washington, and among the ranks of House Freedom Caucus congresspeople sits Idaho’s own Rep. Raul Labrador

We are reminded by House Minority Leader Mat Erpelding, D-Boise, that thanks to bickering Republicans: “The in-fighting on display not only tarnishes the image of the Idaho Statehouse, it will cost Idahoans over $30,000 for every extra day we are here dealing with Republican shenanigans — which is nearly an entire year’s salary for a teacher in Idaho.”

Conservative hardliners at all levels love to obstruct and destroy, even if the cost to taxpayers $30,000 per day to throw legislative temper-tantrums at the end of the session.

Way to end strong and go out on a high note, Idaho lawmakers. Keep it classy.