Do you remember when you were a kid, and your parents would proclaim, “Do as I say, not as I do?” Well, it was garbage when our parents said it, and it’s garbage when it comes out of the mouths of our Legislature.

“Small government” and “local control” are the mantras of the Idaho GOP, but no one seems to have sent over that memo. Again and again, Republican Legislators fail to practice what they preach as they introduce bills that strip local communities of their control with laws that seemingly serve to solve nonexistent problems. This is the government your Republican parents warned you about. This is the definition of the “Big Government” we were supposed to fear.

Whether it’s the Bowling Green Massacre, 3-5 million illegal votes, or Sharia Law, Idaho GOPers have firmly joined their Republican brethren from around the country and are living in an ALT-ernative reality without facts or science (although they are content Tweeting and Facebooking on technology that only science and fact could create.)

The latest iteration of the Idaho GOP’s Orwellian legislative agenda comes from Representative Greg Chaney, District 10-Caldwell. Chaney’s anti-immigrant bill would cut by 50% a city or county’s portion of sales tax revenue, or as Chaney described it, “splitting the baby.” Not only does this bill fail to solve a real problem, it demonstrates yet again that the Idaho GOP is all hat, no bull, and tone deaf.

But this bill goes even further. In an interview with KIVI Channel 6, Chaney made clear that the real intent of his bill is to curtail the free speech of local communities.

“The purpose of this bill is to keep locals and counties from protesting in a way that would be counterproductive in a solution and a conversation of immigration reform as a whole at the national level, Chaney sold KIVI.

Since when do legislators get to determine what type of “protests” are productive?

Republicans, listen up. Stop introducing bills that take away our local control. Stop banning local minimum wage increases. Stop telling businesses whether they can use plastic or paper bags. Stop stripping our cities from using eminent domain for community projects. Stop messing with our county elections and early voting. Stop telling us how we should react when the President attacks our community members and workers, many of whom are not from the United States. Stop driving wedges in our communities. Stop being such huge, relentless hypocrites.

It’s exhausting.