We don’t know why Rep. Paul Shepherd (R-Riggins) is so fearful and angry, but we are sending him a letter inviting him to talk about it with LGBT community member Chelsea Gaona Lincoln.

In a March 17 committee hearing, Shepherd was the lead sponsor of a bill that urges Congress to impeach judges who rule in favor of marriage equality.

Then he went into a semi-coherent and confusing comparison of slavery and gay marriage.

Finally, he concluded with this:

“(Marriage equality) has a very significant influence on my grandkids and my future great-grandkids…if the United States is going to condone something that I think is very immoral and very serious to the future of our families and our traditional society.”

Clearly, Shepherd should have an opprotunity to fully explain his comments. But he also needs a chance to work through some his fear and anger.

That’s why we’re inviting him to a public forum with Linclon, a successful, articulate woman who lives in Caldwell.

This will give Shepherd an opportunity to discuss his fears with a person he need not fear.

Hopefully that will build a bridge of communication and assuage some of his anger.

Sign the letter and we’ll deliver it to Shepherd next week.