As we step into the next chapter of US History make a couple of phone calls in an act of resistance. Idaho has its own swamp problem.  Self-interested, crony politicians have filled our Statehouse, we need to send a clear message that we want the swamp drained at home and at the national level.

Plug these numbers into your phone, put them on speed dial, we will be calling them often.

Mike Crapo: (208) 334-1776   Jim Risch: (208) 342-7985

Call your Senators and tell them to oppose Trump’s unqualified cabinet nominees.

Brief overview of cabinet members and why they are disastrous choices 

Betsy DeVos – Secretary of Education
Betsy DeVos is a bigger threat to public school classrooms than grizzly bears. Idaho already ranks at the bottom for education and we cannot afford this unqualified corporate crony to make things worse for us here at home. She is a billionaire who has spent her career rigging the system to privatize and defund public education and turn our schools into yet another product for billionaires, corporations, and Wall Street executives to profit from.

Senator Jeff Sessions – Attorney General
Senator Sessions as Attorney General would be a nightmare for civil rights in America. He’s been hostile to every community that DOJ is supposed to protect from discrimination. He is an unqualified and known racist, he has a 30-year record of racial insensitivity, bias against immigrants, and disregard for civil rights. He is a corporate crony and has received $2.5M from major industries and owns $31K in corporate bonds for BigOil. In 2016, he received more than $300,000 in campaign contributions from defense contractors. Dude is out of touch.

Steve Mnuchin – Treasury Secretary
Under Mnuchin, OneWest Bank became an industry leader in deceptive reverse mortgage foreclosures. OneWest’s ruthless practices are well-documented. One homeowner in Minnesota was foreclosed after falling just 27 cent shorts on one of their payments. He is a monster who will kick your grandmother out on the street.

Andrew Puzder – Labor Secretary
Puzder’s anti-worker ideas would protect profits for CEOs and big corporations while making it harder for workers and families to get ahead. He is not a man with working family values in mind – by any conceivable measure.

Tom Price – Health and Human Services
Price supports ending Medicare as we know it and forcing seniors to pay more out of pocket for care and prescriptions. Price’s policies would result in millions of people losing their health care, and Price himself wants to tell women what to do with their own bodies. Idaho’s most vulnerable populations will be made more vulnerable.

Scott Pruitt – Environmental Protection Agency Administrator 
Scott Pruitt’s nomination is a clear signal that Trump is looking to reverse much, if not all, of the Obama Administration’s work on clean air, clean water, and protecting our environment. Pruitt believes the debate on whether human activity contributes to climate change is “far from settled.” He doesn’t believe in science. Idaho’s pristine landscape and quality of life can not afford this nightmare nominee.