Approximately 200 Idahoans turned up on Wednesday outside the Boise office of Sen. Mike Crapo to make their voices heard. They were urging the Senator to vote “no” on the senate version of the Republican healthcare bill.

This bill has been worked out in secret by an all-male group of senators, so transparency clearly doesn’t matter to these Republicans. Neither, apparently, does actually making sure that Americans have health insurance, since the bill will cut up to 22 million Americans from coverage according to the latest Congressional Budget Office estimates

The Boise rally this morning was a powerful display of the anger many Idahoans feel towards their elected officials who repeatedly fail to act in the best interest of average folks in the Gem state.  Folks continue to show up, again and again, in order to fight for the vulnerable members of our communities. They are relentless, even when it feels like those in power aren’t listening. Watch our Facebook live video from the rally here.

We need you to do your part too. Keep calling Sen. Crapo and Sen. Risch. Let them know how your family will be impacted if your care is taken away.

Risch – (202) 224-2752
Crapo- (202) 224-6142