Idaho continues to miss the mark when it comes to making the state a better place for children.

Sure, Idaho lawmakers tell us their top priority is protecting children. We hear it every time they introduce a bill limiting women’s access to constitutionally protected reproductive healthcare.

But that’s just rhetoric. In reality, children aren’t that important to Idaho politicians.

benny-hinnFaith Healing Fail

In Idaho, it is legal for parents to withhold life-saving medicine from children as along as they claim it was done for religious reasons. You should probably read that sentence again. Fun fact: Lawmakers could have fixed this. They didn’t. Sorry kids, no medicine for you.



Pooh-pooh for Preschool

Public preschool offers children a head start toward a scholastic career. It also provides some much-needed relief for parents struggling to afford daycare. And if you’re looking for it in Idaho, you’re out of luck. Fun fact: Last year, Idaho spent $800,000 defending unconstitutional laws and $0 on pre-K.


Things-from-2009-MEME2A Freaky Funding Fiasco

Remember 2009? Idaho lawmakers do. They liked it so much their goal is to fund Idaho schools like it was 2009 — even though inflation and increased enrollment will actually reduce per-student funding below 2009 levels. Deal with it kids. Fun fact: Idaho spends less per-pupil than any other state except Utah.


Breastfeeding babyBreastfeeding Brushoff

Breastfeeding establishes a strong connection between mother and child while providing the most complete form of nutrition for infants. To Idaho lawmakers, it’s yucky. Forty-nine states, plus D.C., plus Puerto Rico have protections for breastfeeding mothers. Only Idaho doesn’t. Fun fact: Breastfeeding gets you out of jury duty in the Gem State.

If Idaho lawmakers believe children are their top priority, they have a strange way of showing it. One thing is for sure. There is a lot of work to do. We should start by requiring parents to provide their children with life-saving medications.

Seems like a reasonable first step.

Fun fact: For some reason, Idaho lawmakers don’t think it’s a reasonable first step.

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