Idaho Rep. Greg Chaney, R-Caldwell, is snugging up to Trump with his anti-immigrant bill, HB 198. On Monday morning Chaney reintroduced legislation at the House State Affairs Committee meeting. Defending his bill Chaney said, “This is to prohibit the use of immigration policy and the sanctuary city sort of ordinance from being used as the means by which localities protest the Trump Administration. If localities wish to protest the Trump Administration, by all means, but this would be a very reckless and frankly irrational way to go about it.”

His bill not only creates a racial divide it also undermines local control on many levels.

Here are a few of the highlights of what this unnecessary bill would do:

Expose Idaho cities, counties, and law enforcement to legal liability and potential loss of sales tax revenue for complying with unconstitutional requests by federal officials to detain Idahoans.

Withhold a portion of sales tax revenue for governmental entities who choose not to comply with unconstitutional federal or state immigration policies, or unconstitutional requests on behalf of federal immigration officials.

Undermines local law enforcement safety priorities by forcing state, county, and local law enforcement agencies to divert their time, energy and resources to complying with this law instead of focusing on already established public safety priorities in their communities.

Creates economic harm in communities across the state

This bill is an invitation for police to treat people differently because they are perceived to be “foreign.” Every resident of this state should live free of racial and ethnic profiling, and should be subject to equal policing