The November election wasn’t a good one for people who like responsible governance, especially if you live in Bonner County.

Tea party candidates Sage Dixon and Heather Scott were elected to their first terms in the Idaho House of Representatives.

Those tea party victories persuaded two ultra-right candidates to run in the May 19, election for Lake Pend Oreille School District 84 school board.

They should have been shoe-ins, right?

One of the candidates was Kathy Rose, who refused to answer the school district’s questionnaire – probably because it was full of “gotcha” questions such as, “Why do you want to be a board member?” She also refused to talk with the lame-stream media. But her political beliefs were well known. On her Facebook page she openly supported secession.

Kathy Rose screenshot secession

The other candidate was Tom Cleveland, another flame-throwing tea partier. Cleveland also refused to fill out the school district’s questionnaire. And like Rose, he refused to talk with the leftist media.

Both believed their tea party bona fides would earn them victories. After all, who wouldn’t want a secessionist on the local school board?

But they were wrong. A wave of grass roots support backed the moderate candidates with money and volunteers.

When all the votes were counted Tuesday, Joel Molander beat Rose 424-180 and Geraldine Lewis beat Cleveland 448-139.

Rationality prevailed and good governance won.

Congratulations Bonner County!