On Monday, the Idaho Legislature convened a special session to fix the mess they made.

Tell lawmakers that Idaho taxpayers shouldn’t foot the bill.

On the last day of the regular legislative session, a House panel killed a bill that provided funding for child-support payment enforcement. That mistake could have cost Idaho children $205 million a year, hence the need for a special session.

According to legislative rules, lawmakers may seek expense reimbursements for the special session.

But we don’t think taxpayers should pay for their mistake.

Two House members, Mark Nye (D-Pocatello) and Luke Malek (R-Coeur d’Alene) have already vowed to forgo reimbursements.

Malek explained his decision like this: “Well, we went down there to do a job and we didn’t do it right. So I wouldn’t charge a client if I messed up a job. So I don’t think we should charge the taxpayers for messing this up, either.”

We agree. And every lawmaker should follow suit.