These are difficult political times. We need to hear from our elected officials–and in the spirit of democracy, they need to hear from us. Click here to tell them you want a town hall meeting. 

At the time of writing, none of Idaho’s D.C. contingent have scheduled town hall meetings for their April recess slated for April 7th-25th.

You may recall that not one of our national reps held town hall meetings during their last recess in February. At that time more than 100 people gathered to protest in front of the Grove Hotel in Boise where Congressman Raul Labrador was speaking at a private event. We attended the Boise Chamber of Commerce Luncheon and asked him about scheduling a public meeting, he Raul Labrador says "people don't want town hall meetings"told the room full of voters, “people don’t want town hall meetings–they are tired of them.”

Ultimately Labrador told the crowd he would indeed hold a meeting but didn’t say when.

Take a minute to let Labrador, Simpson, Crapo, and Risch know that we want physical, public town hall meetings–and are not “tired of them.” Tele-townhalls are not a substitute for meeting publicly with constituents.

Tell Labrador, Simpson, Crapo, and Risch:  We’re not tired, we want a town hall meeting.