When corporate tax break bills die an angel gets its wings.

The horrendous tax bill authored by Idaho House Majority Leader Mike Moyle, R-Eagle is dead. In a dramatic turn of events the Senate amended the original intent of HB67 out of existence yesterday, scrapping the whole thing and replacing it with a repeal of Idaho’s 6 percent sales tax on groceries.

The amended bill is a huge improvement over the “tax relief” effort the Legislature’s Republican leadership has been working to get passed. Of course, when they say “tax relief” they mean cutting taxes for corporations and Idaho’s wealthiest. We wrote about just how bad Moyle’s bill was yesterday, you can it read here.

Eliminating the grocery tax is a form of tax relief which benefits average Idahoans, real actual working people. It would also benefit Idaho businesses in border towns, where individuals currently only need to cross the state line to shop for groceries tax-free.

The House still needs to weigh in on the amended bill before it goes to the governor’s desk, and further changes are likely. Gov. Otter sent a letter to the Senate Republican leadership yesterday opposing grocery sales tax elimination, so it remains to be seen how this will all shake out in the end. 

But for now, Moyle’s tax bill is dead, and that’s something working Idahoans can celebrate.

Mike Moyle
Image courtesy of IdahoReporter.com