Watching the news over the Fourth of July weekend, it looked as if the biggest threats to American lives were ISIS terrorist and sharks. That’s ridiculous of course. The greatest threat to American lives on the Fourth of July is drunken Americans. Yet there were little, if any, stories about the risks of alcohol consumption on one of the nation’s most dangerous and booziest holidays.

It’s not surprising. Often times the things that threaten us the least we pay attention to the most.

That’s why this graph is so good. It sums up what threatens this country the most: economic inequality.

Worker pay graphIt’s not that there aren’t other important issues out there. It’s just that this chronic condition is getting worse and the people who are in a position to change it have no incentive to do anything about it. In other words, the rich and powerful have no reason to reduce their own wealth and power.

Who’s getting left behind? Us. The middle class.