Now that it is the law of the land, opponents of marriage equality will undoubtedly begin looking for a wide range of social ills they predicted would come true. Of course, none of them have come true in states where marriage equality has been the norm for years. With that, we’ve assembled a list of the top 10 things that aren’t going to happen with nation-wide marriage equality.


1. A collapse of the family unit

Cleaver familyNope, don’t worry about it. Families will be fine. In fact, states with marriage equality have lower divorce rates than those that don’t.

2. General bedlam

Riot sceneNot going to happen. In Massachusetts where gay marriage was legalized in 2004, the only bedlam has been Tom Brady and ballgate.

3. Unicorns

unicorn-121203Sadly, not even marriage equality will bring unicorns to Idaho.

4. A lack of child support enforcement funding

double-face-palmDon’t worry about it. The legislature made that disaster on its own.

5. A surge in the use of the word “salutary”

Dictionary 002Not going to happen. In his argument against marriage equality, Gov. Otter claimed that children had a “salutary benefit” of being raised by a heterosexual couple. That argument has been discredited by numerous studies and the word “salutary” has been shamed into the dustbin of history.

6. Idaho will get back the $400,000 it’s spent fighting marriage equality

Burning dollarsNope, that money is gone.

7. Gov. Butch Otter’s name will stop making people laugh

Annual Allen & Co. Media And Technology ConferenceNot going to happen. Face it, it’s a strange name for somebody who fought marriage equality.

8. Legal chaos

Supreme court and plazaNope. In fact, there would have been more legal chaos if the court decided gay people do not qualify for equal protection under the law.

9. A hit to Idaho’s economy

Kissing behind rainbow flagNonsense. In the states that have embraced marriage equality, weddings have meant more business for hotels, wedding venues, caterers, airlines, bakeries, photographers and videographers.

10. An end to the campaign to Add the Words

Idaho-add the wordsNo way. This ruling does not change the fact that lawmakers need to protect all Idahoans by adding the words “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the Idaho Human Rights Act.