Here, presented in no particular order, are ten of the most embarrassing things we saw during the 2014 Idaho Legislative Session:

1) State Treasurer Ron Crane losing $10 Million of taxpayer money gambling on risky mortgage backed securities.


Read more here. Read the State Auditor’s Report here.

2) Rep. Paul Shepherd’s clearly unconstitutional attempt to nullify the Environmental Protection Agency and endanger Idaho’s precious rivers and streams.

Silver-creek-id-usacid mine drainage

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3) The majority leadership’s stubborn refusal, after 8 years, to even hold a hearing on legislation recognizing the rights of LGBT Idahoans under the Idaho Human Rights Act.


Read more here. Read former Governor Phil Batt’s open letter here.

4) The Senate’s refusal to consider legislation raising Idaho’s minimum wage.


Read more here.

5) Passing “Ag Gag” legislation to protect the special interests of the corporate dairy industry, cover up potential animal cruelty, and threaten free speech and food safety.


Read more here. Read about Idaho dairy industry political contributions here.

6) Passing the NRA’s “Guns on Campus” Bill despite overwhelming opposition from all major stakeholder groups.


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7) Governor Otter’s refusal to consider Medicaid Expansion, throwing away hundreds of millions over the next decade that would provide healthcare coverage for Idaho’s working poor.

hospital bed

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8) Passing a Tax Commission rule rejecting the joint tax returns of legally married same sex couples and forcing them to prepare different state returns than federal returns.

1040 income tax form

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9) Rep. Lynn Luker’s attempt to sanction discrimination disguised as “Religious Freedom”.


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10) The Governor’s failure to investigate the CCA private prison scandal that has resulted in both a lawsuit and an FBI  federal fraud investigation.


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