It’s no secret that Twitter is the Hunger Games of the Internet. It’s format encourages spontaneity while dissuading decorum. And sometimes that translates into abject ugliness.

Last Friday, as terrorists were killing people in Paris, Twin Falls talk radio host Bill Colley — who hosts a right-wing program on 1310 KLIX — made himself a shameful one-man show.Frenchy-with-guns1Yes. That’s right. While French citizens were still being gunned down, Colley showed a lack of class and grammar in a single tweet.

But Colley wasn’t done insulting the French.Pantywaiste2This is Colley’s response to a Slate article that asks, “Why France, again?” Apparently because they’re not as brave as Colley, a man who disparages this country’s oldest ally on the radio.

Next, Colley posited a solution to the Syrian Civil War.Donald-trump-bomb-shit-out-of-Tehran3Of course, if the U.S. bombed Riyadh and Tehran, ISIS would be absolutely delighted. After all, the Saudis (who are Sunnis) and the Iranians (who are Shiites) have a disagreement that goes back 1,383 years. One of the only things that could bridge that feud is the United States bombing their capitols for no good reason at all.

What would the U.S. gain by uniting two enemies against us? Nothing.

This is why ultranationalists make terrible policy makers.12-Liberals-support-ISIS4To Colley, anybody who doesn’t support indiscriminate bombing of countries who have nothing to do with ISIS must be an ISIS supporter. Fortunately, the grown-up approach to international diplomacy is much, much, much more sophisticated.

If it wasn’t, we would all be doomed.voye-for-pen5Finally, Colley posted this. It’s an endorsement for Marine Le Pen, the Front National party leader who once compared Muslims praying in the street to the Nazi occupation. In France, Front National is well known as a “dubious protest party of xenophobes, anti-Semites and die-hard fascists.”

Apparently for Colley, Le Pen the best thing to come out of France since the guillotine.

For the rest of us, she’s scary.

Just for clarity, Colley isn’t tweeting into the ether. He has an audience. He also has politicians on his show such as Sen. Mike Crapo, Rep. Raul Labrador, and Twin Falls Mayor Don Hall.

That makes us wonder if those politicians agree with Colley’s tweets.

We’re going to ask them.