Some of us have siblings who are really bad at picking friends. Growing up, they’d invite a buddy over to the house and by the end of the evening there’s a burn on the carpet, the toilet’s clogged and everybody’s arguing.

Rep. Vito Barbieri (R-Dalton Gardens) is really bad at picking friends. And when he invites his friends to the House — in this case, the one in the Capitol — all hell breaks loose.

Back in March, Barbieri brought an anti-Muslim preacher from Washington State to the Capitol to give a talk to Idaho lawmakers titled, “The true face of Islam.”

The result? Irrational fears of Sharia law killed a bill that provided funding for child support collection, which forced a special session and permanently sullied the reputation of at least nine lawmakers.

Who took credit for the mess? That’s right. Barbieri’s anti-Muslim preacher Shahram Hadian.

On Monday, Hadian demonstrated that he isn’t done pedaling his message of fear and hatred.


After seeing this rant, we have a new rule for the Idaho Legislature: Barbieri is no longer allowed to invite his friends to the House.*

* He’s also no longer allowed to talk about women’s reproductive systems.