We’ve asked. We really have.

We’ve even called Sen. Mike Crapo’s Washington, D.C. office and talked to his press secretary.

The closest we’ve come to an official statement from Crapo about Donald Trump’s proposal to ban all foreign Muslims from this country is this email.

“At this time we do have plans to issue a stand-alone statement on Donald Trump.”

Other than that, Crapo has been silent. There’s nothing on his press releases, website, Facebook page or Twitter account. We even checked to see if he had a Snap Chat account.


The reason we’re so interested is because Crapo has been tacking hard to the right lately to avoid a primary challenger.

The the past several months, he has voted against public lands and a crucial transportation bill while introducing bills to deregulate the sale of armored-piercing bullets and stripping the state’s power to prohibit gun silencers.

How far is he willing to tack to the right?

Crapo knows a poll back in August showed 28 percent of Idaho Republicans supporting Trump. Ben Carson was in a distant second place with 15 percent.

So what is the new and improved, right-wing, Crapo to do?

Does he pander to the xenophobes in the Trump crowd?

Does he rebuke Trump to maintain his reputation as a thoughtful statesman?

We eagerly await the answer.