The special session is right around the corner and we have a message for House Speaker Scott Bedke. We want to hear the fear. That’s right. We want to hear every delusional conspiracy from every opponent of the child-support enforcement legislation.

That’s why we’re  telling Speaker Bedke to allow a thorough public testimony period in the House. 

We want to hear about Sharia law, Agenda 21, Jade Helm 15, a one-world order, the Trilateral Commission, foreign tribunals, the gay agenda, chemtrails, FEMA concentration camps, gun confiscations, ISIS training camps in Mexico and the HPV vaccine causing “mental retardation.”

We want it all on the table for everybody to see.

This is a perfect opportunity to bring light into the dark world of right-wing conspiracy theories so they can be discredited and dispatched once and for all.

Our goal is to ensure a right-wing conspiracy theory never kills important legislation in the state of Idaho again.

With that in mind, tell Speaker Bedke that we want to hear all the lunacy.