We need 36 votes to pass a bill in the House to restore $30 million of temporary assistance to Idaho’s most vulnerable families and $16 million to enforce child support payments. If we don’t, Idaho’s children will risk losing more than $200 million of support payments they desperately need.

Better Idaho is finding the votes for it to pass in the Idaho House.

We have already emailed all the following representatives. Now we need your help getting them to answer our email.

If a name is hyper linked, that means he/she has not given us an answer. Click on the name and ask him/her to answer the Better Idaho email.


The bill would need 36 votes to pass the House.

Rep. John Rusche said all 14 Democrats will vote for it. That leaves 22 votes.

We have 11 votes from GOP lawmakers
Marc Gibbs
Clark Kauffman
Maxine Bell
Paul Romrell
Luke Malek
Dell Raybould
Merrill Beyeler
Fred Wood
Stephen Hartgen
Julie VanOrden
Linden Bateman

The three lawmakers who voted against killing the bill give us 3 votes more
Christy Perry
Richard Wills
Patrick McDonald

We count 4 votes as “maybes”
Robert Anderst
Kelley Packer
Scott Bedke – he said he would support it in a April 16 press conference
Lance Clow

That means we only need 8 more (maybe 4).

URGENT – if you see your representative’s name, it’s critical that you ask him or her to answer the email from Better Idaho

Van Burtenshaw

Neil Anderson

Wendy Horman

Rick Youngblood

Brandon Hixon

Steven Miller

Caroline Troy

Thomas Loertscher

PRIORITY – If your representative is on this list, it’s very important to ask him or her to answer the email from Better Idaho

Ken Andrus

Gayle Batt

Judy Boyle

Greg Chaney

Gary Collins

Brent Crane

Reed DeMordaunt

Steven Harris

James Holtzclaw

Ron Mendive

Jason Monks

Mike Moyle

Joe Palmer

Eric Redman

Jeff Thompson

John Vander Woude


LOW PRIORITY – If your representative is on this list, feel free to email him.

Vito Barbieri

Sage Dixon

Pete Nielsen

Paul Shepherd


Here are the lawmakers who voted to kill the bill – we’ll count them as voting “no.”
Heather Scott
Ronald Nate
Janet Trujillo
Don Cheatham
Ryan Kerby
Lynn Luker
Thomas Dayley
Shannon McMillan
Kathleen Sims

Here are the lawmaker(s) who said they won’t vote for it
Terry Gestrin