It seems every other day another group is asking the State Legislature to approve another specialty license plate. Accordingly, the sleuths at Better Idaho have dug up a couple of the least-known specialty plates of this legislative session.


The Correction Corporation of America license plate

Proceeds from this plate will go to repay the state for fraudulent invoices from a scandal  involving a sweetheart deal Gov. Otter gave CCA (a campaign donor) after it was discovered the company overcharged and under-staffed the state prison, which had earned the nickname “gladiator school.”





The Idaho Education Network license plate
Meme-IEN-failMonies from this plate will go to pay for the botched $60 million contract to provide internet access to Idaho’s schools.





The Superintendent of Public Schools Sherri Ybarra license plate
Funds from this plate will go to a public service announcement against plagiarizing.





The public lands fight license plate
Proceeds from this plate will pay back the $66,000 in outside attorney fees accumulated by the legislature during its quest to take away our public lands.





The “Young Lady” license plate

Money from this plate will go to a program that teaches older legislators to stop calling professional women “young lady” for any reason whatsoever.





The tea party misspelled sign license plate
Proceeds from this plate will go to a buy members of the tea party spell check.





The legal fees license plate

Earnings from this plate will got to the $10 million per year in legal fees that are paid by the state to private law firms.





The “guns on campus” license plate

The money from this plate will help pay for the $3.7 million in expenses that Idaho colleges must spend after the state legislature passed the “guns on campus” bill.